What’s in a name?

Thoughts from the Silent Planet takes its name from C.S. Lewis’s classic space trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength). The “Silent Planet” refers to Earth as a planet cut off from celestial communication. Like the planet of the story, I don’t have unhindered access to the mind of God or the ability to perfectly divine absolute truth. That’s why these postings are not Gospel, but merely thoughts, and with the distinction that they come only from the silent planet, and not a place of absolute knowledge.

That being said, I’m working to grow ever closer to Him through His Word, and my great hope is that these posts can illuminate some aspects of the Divine Story, even as they are only incomplete snapshots of the thing itself.

I see this blog merely as the starting point for conversation. The great irony is that while our planet is noisy beyond compare with entertainment and shallow conversation, it’s also extremely silent in the way of conversation about things that really matter. I don’t intend this blog to add to the noise, but rather to provide an admittedly small opportunity to create real sound – meaningful conversation – within the “Silent Planet.”

I want to hear your thoughts on what I write! Please comment, please contact me, please share my posts and your thoughts with your friends and family. Please read and thoughtfully consider, and as we all explore together the thoughts that truly matter, hopefully one day we can all begin to hear faint traces of faraway melody beyond the curtain of our Silent Planet.


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