Jared Anderson: Freelance writer, post-grad swimmer, proud Gopher, semi-colon enthusiast, Jesus-follower, beard wearer, Viking fan, frequent smiler

Trying to give 100% in all I do. And knowing that that won’t always be enough, I’m trusting God to be sufficient when I’m not.

I see blogging only as the start to a conversation. I don’t expect my words to be the last on any subject. Whatever you think about my posts, I want to have a conversation with you, whether in the comments or elsewhere. If you’d prefer a more personal conversation, e-mail me at jared.anderson34@gmail.com.

If you want to contact me on other media, or just learn more about the man behind the words, look me up on Twitter here. (@JaredAnderson34)


One response

24 10 2012
Orlando O

Just a random person on Facebook who saw someone share your most recent blog post. I appreciate your candid honesty and articulate point of view on the subject of the marriage amendment. Thanks for standing up for your beliefs and thanks for bringing up a much needed point in this ongoing debate: the need for civility and constructive discourse.

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